Meaning of the stones by month of birth

Stones are composed of minerals that the earth gives away. Using them in earrings, rings, necklaces or other accessories is undoubtedly an excellent way of wearing them.

The meaning of the stones by the month of birth transcends beauty and attraction. Each gem has a meaning that is closely related to the birth month, personality and influential characteristic factors.

January – Garnet. Concentrates on the spirit, causing a high sense of joy and positivity. It is associated with life in general, because of the diversity of colors in which it is found.

February – Amethyst. The stone linked to feelings that symbolizes pure love and good relationships. It channels emotions and stabilizes them. The high level of energy in this gem influences positive changes.

March – Aquamarine. The stone of serenity, its energy is aimed at tolerance and maintaining a positive atmosphere. Its almost transparent blue color brings discretion when used in spaces and accessories.

April – Diamond. The stone with the highest mineral concentration. Its rigidity allows this stone to be resistant. That is why it is known as the determining stone. It means: Strength.

May – Emerald. The stone of success and personal growth is mastered. In relationships this stone symbolizes commitment. In love terms it symbolizes: “I consider you the love of my life”.

June – Pearl. It represents innocence and reliability, because of its appearance it is related to simplicity. They are covers in elegant events, that allow to show their elegance.

July – Ruby. Associated with fortune and delight. Passion in business and social life. Its color is the most attractive of all jewels.

August – Peridot. With its unique shade of green. It represents authenticity and self-confidence. It is an unusual stone, which means: Selectivity and leadership.

September – Sapphire. It means health and emotional quality. Its high concentration of positive energy generates the sensation of tranquility in space.

October – Opal. Psychologists believe that its meaning is immersed in deep thoughts aimed at purification and problem solving.

November – Topaz. The stone of balance. It generates a neutral and optimistic atmosphere. It represents flexibility and adaptability in circumstances.

December – Turquoise. Protective gem, which emanates mental and physical health. Symbolizes the desire to maintain a close relationship with the spiritual being.

Interesting data of the stones by month of birth

– The garnet energy is activated by the full moon, leaving it for one night in a free space in contact with it will be enough.

– Holding an amethyst stone for five minutes a day generates tranquility and gives space for meditation.

– Carrying aquamarine during days with high work stress, transmits the feeling of calm

– The use of diamond in engagement rings is for its meaning of durability, or unbreakable.

– In ancient times emeralds were the ideal gift.

– A defined line on the inner edge of the pearl verifies its authenticity.

– Giving a ruby as a gift is synonymous with intense attraction.

Peridot is distinguished from emerald by its transparency in green.

– The sapphire in accessories decreases negative energies.

– Observing an opal for a couple of minutes, makes ideas come immediately.

Topaz is considered the ideal substitute for diamond.

– Wearing a turquoise, provides well-being in illness.

The stones can become a channeling element of energy and positivism, depending on the contribution of each stone in the environment and the bearer of it. The meaning of the stones by month of birth must be taken into account to make good use and care of them.