How to use healing crystals?

Finished crystals are, for the most part, minerals and precious jewels. However, despite their great beauty, they are not just decorative objects.

There is certainly something mystical about the beautiful jewels, and although they seem to be out of this world, they are extracted from different places on Earth. Our planet endowed them with energies that have a beneficial effect on the environment.

Everything in our universe is composed of energy, and healing stones, along with our body cells, are no exception.

Healing stones use energy to attract or repel, just like magnets. When we place them on certain parts of our body, our energy is transformed according to the properties of the crystal.

But how exactly do these stones work? In this article we will explain how to use healing crystals and the benefits they provide.

Considerations for the use of healing crystals

Crystals are excellent for protection and healing of some ailments. It is scientifically confirmed that they are successful in treating and relieving various diseases and problems.

However, before understanding their healing effects, you should keep in mind that they cannot replace hospital medical treatments.

Instead, it is recommended to use them along with these treatments. If you are a person with serious medical problems, also consult your doctor or health care professional for guidance.

That said, some medications only treat the symptoms, not the underlying cause, and can have some very bothersome side effects.

Even if the treatment is effective, the subtle effects of crystals can complement any such treatment.

Leave them at home and you can experience the various benefits of crystals. They can be placed on a shelf, table or wherever you like.

To treat certain diseases, it is best to place the crystal on the part of the body that needs to be healed or place it on one or more places where the chakras are located.

Chakras are considered energy nodes and each one is related to a specific organ of the body. They allow the organ to function and are also related to specific aspects of your behavior and personal development.

How to Use Healing Crystals for Headaches

A wide variety of crystals can be used to relieve headache pain. The crystal used depends on the type of ailment.

Crystals such as amber, amethyst or turquoise can be used on the head to relieve tension pains.

Lapis lazuli may also be used. Amethyst can be placed around the head in a healing arrangement to get rid of aches and pains.

Imbalance between the head energy and the solar plexus chakras may be the source of these pains.

By balancing the energy, citrine or moonstone can be used to treat them. Stress headaches can also be due to an imbalance between the solar plexus and the mollera energy.

How to use healing crystals for insomnia

In this case, you will have to resort to a trial-and-error exercise to discover which crystal is the most suitable for you, since it is very difficult to determine the causes of insomnia and also that crystals have different effects on each person.

If stress or tension is the cause of your insomnia, crystals such as pink crystal, chrysoprase, citrine or amethyst can be used. The crystal can be placed next to the bed or under the pillow.

If the cause of insomnia is overeating, moonstone or pyrite can be used to help calm the stomach and help you fall back to sleep. On the other hand, if nightmares are the cause of insomnia, tourmaline or smoky quartz can be used.

They should be placed at the foot of the bed or near your feet. Labradorite can also help because it is believed to eliminate negative thoughts and feelings.

How to use healing crystals to deal with lack of energy

Orange, red and yellow crystals help boost your energies. Brightly colored crystals are the loveliest. Crimson garnet, topaz or golden amber are some stones that help combat lack of energy.

To increase motivation, you can use tiger’s eye, deep topaz or jasper. In these cases, it is best to place the citrine on the solar plexus and hold the white crystal with both hands.

How to use healing crystals for lack of libido

Lack of sexual desire may be due to negative emotions. If emotions are the cause of blocked sexual energy, red garnet and fluorite can help release them and stimulate libido again.

How to use healing crystals to deal with stress

Crystal is also known to promote tranquility by removing barriers to emotional expression. The crystal used for this purpose should be in contact with the body.

Green is considered a healing color, so green crystals such as jade can be used to relieve mental stress, nervous tension and also help with concentration.

Pink crystal and blue agate can be used as detoxifiers. They help to purify the emotions.

Opal helps maintain emotional balance and stability. Amethyst helps balance hormones and emotions. It reduces confusion, increases control, and also helps relieve stress and psychological problems.

Amber is used as a neutralizer. It balances the negative state of mind and restores it to normal. It also helps to balance various emotional or endocrine problems.

Colorful, bright and full of healing energy: crystals have always fascinated mankind and are used in the most varied purification and healing habits.

No matter what crystals you use and how you use them, you must take proper care of them. Crystals themselves are neutral, but if you use them for healing, they will absorb some of the negative energy you wish to eliminate.

The healing and calming effects of these crystals make us understand that healing does not only occur on a physical level.

To obtain a healthy personality in general, a certain degree of mental and psychological treatment is needed.

Now that you know how to use healing crystals, be sure to visit our website to purchase the crystal you need.