6 natural crystals to attract good energy and happiness


Natural crystals have helped people’s mental health for many years. Healing stones are believed to be able to cleanse, renew energies in the environment and change moods. For example, many stones provide support in a difficult situation. There are many types of crystals, you just need to find the right one for you.

If you have already used stones and crystals, you know what we are talking about. If you want to start your path to attract good energy and happiness, keep reading. Here we recommend 6 natural crystals that are excellent for that. Remember that each crystal can be found in our store. At Crystal Dreams World we have a wide variety of stones.

Look for them with us!

Rose Quartz

Quartz rose

Rose quartz is one of the most common and best crystals that exist, but it has properties that make it very important. It is considered as a relaxant by nature, so it helps to eliminate tensions. That is to say, it provides a sense of peace through positive energies, stress disappears in a moment.Similarly, the happiness you find with this crystal is in love. Thanks to its vibrations, it attracts good luck for you to find your special one. In addition, it will give you tranquility and harmony, you will feel that you live in a state of calm that will never go away. Creating new bonds will be very easy!


In recent years, aventurine has become famous and has been used in jewelry. Among its benefits is the ability to eliminate negative energies, impurities and any vibrations that are meant to harm. In return, it gives you happiness, good energies and tranquility.

As an added bonus, the power of stones allows emotions to be channeled with ease. Thus, disturbances, attachments and ailments disappear by having it close to you. It also helps to have greater physical strength… You know, healthy body, healthy mind.


Amethyst has a peculiar meaning, it represents peace and serenity. With its characteristic purple color, this crystal helps to relax emotions, to change negative energies for positive ones, it also increases self-confidence. Happiness flows with this stone because it frees your aura from problems that seriously affect it.

Other characteristics that contribute to happiness is that you can use it to get rid of physical pains. It is very good against migraine, menstruation, and even rheumatic pain. It is a companion for mourning, it will give you good energy even in the most difficult moments.Amethyst has very complex properties and uses, if you want to know more about this crystal, read Amethyst, a Must Have Crystal! Find out all about it!



In this crystals guide, fluorite is a favorite. This healing crystal can range in color from green, purple, blue and even yellow. It has many uses in general, but its spiritual properties are much more interesting. This stone possesses soft energy capable of purifying and balancing vibrations.

Good energy flows easily because fluorite helps organization, order and relaxes the mind. In addition, it facilitates relationships with partners, friends and family. You can have peace of mind as long as this gemstone accompanies you and protects you from negative vibrations.

Tiger Eye

The Tiger Eye is one of the most striking stones, its colors are combined simulating the lines of the feline. It is the representation of the union between the sun and the earth, so it combines the energies of both. This crystal eliminates negative energies, improves self-esteem and concentration.

It helps the mind to be occupied only with good energies, and therefore, filled with positive thoughts that lead to happiness. You will feel that you have a clear head, without emotions that cloud judgment, you will be able to make decisions with certainty.


Lapis Lazuli is considered one of the irreplaceable crystals in jewelry and alternative medicine. The properties attributed to it are mainly relaxation and a sense of peace. Especially in the most stressful and desperate situations.

When you feel in a complicated position, this gemstone will act with good energies to fill you with positive thoughts. With a clear head, it will not be difficult to make the right decisions. Its main purpose is to balance the throat and third eye chakras. The balance of your life is essential.

Do you know what the chakras are and what they represent? Discover them in The Seven Chakras and Their Meanings.As you can see, there are different crystal uses… It all depends on what your expectations are. A gemstone can significantly change the situation you are in, so don’t miss out on trying one or more. Wear them with you at all times, do it in style while you’re at it. Don’t forget, at Crystal Dreams World we have the best crystals.

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