Natural crystals: 5 wonderful properties you should know about


Crystals are a great companion for human beings. Thanks to them our energies, vibrations and qualities can be enhanced to the highest level. This is why it is important to know the different gemstones, their uses and properties. By doing so, you will know in which situations to use them and how to do it in order to get the most out of them.

At Crystal Dreams World we have taken the time to give you a basic guide with 5 spectacular properties of gemstones. We insist that they can mean an advantage at the right time. Besides, you can’t deny that they look great as home accessories and ornaments.

If you want to start enjoying them, check out these 5 amazing properties!

Crystals balance the chakras

There are healing stones that treat the 7 chakras, in fact, there is a specific one for each one. That is, the stones enhance specific chakras by the properties they possess. As an example, lapis lazuli is connected to the throat chakra, jade is related to the heart chakra, ruby is connected to the first chakra.

The stones have vibrations that work directly with the chakras and eliminate negative frequencies. The energy they generate causes the senses, emotions and thoughts to clear. This will help to avoid internal conflicts and facilitate your relationship with other people.

Harmony in the home

Home is one of the most important places for us. Our nights and hours of rest are spent at home, which is why it is best to have harmony. To achieve this, stones and crystals are of excellent support. To place them, you must think about what energies you want in each room and how they will look best so as not to obstruct the image.

Some of the most common ones for the home are rose quartz, which improves family relationships. You can put it in the room where you sleep with your partner, you will see how it contributes to maintain the love in the relationship. Another excellent crystal is the obsidian stone, which will protect your home from negative energies and vibrations, as well as the black quartz.

Stabilize emotions

The stones and crystals that are connected to the throat chakra are, at the same time, connected to the emotions. It is said that this chakra is the center of communication and is responsible for communicating feelings. As already known, the stones do not grant characteristics, but enhance and facilitate the development of the ones you already have.They are also responsible for getting rid of obstacles. Like turquoise, which is responsible for eliminating pessimistic thoughts that obstruct your mind. Similar is the red jasper, which is focused on protecting you and giving you determination. It is a good companion when you need mental strength to accomplish goals.

Improves the flow of energy

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In the spirituality of gemstones, energy takes a very prominent place. Both stones and people are full of energy that is in constant movement, and depending on the situation, it can affect you in your life. Sometimes we suffer from energy blockages, and even attacks provided by negative energy.Stones take care of getting rid of all the negativity and increase the positive energy. For example, malachite is an excellent cleanser of energy fields. It works to absorb energies and vibrations that are annoying to you

Crystals provide protection

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As mentioned above, stones are related to energies and people. Therefore, crystals can be used as a shield or filter from negative and harmful energies. There is a great variety, you can even base your choice on your zodiac sign.

The most common ones are garnet, emerald, topaz and bloodstone. Garnet is ideal for people with sun sign in Aquarius, it provides protection of energies and recharges ours. Emerald is a perfect protector for people with sun sign in cancer, it eliminates negative energies.

Now you know that natural crystals can decorate your home and at the same time provide an atmosphere of tranquility. They have properties that can easily benefit you emotionally and physically. Once you find your favorite and the one you feel compatible with, you’ll feel amazing. Check out our crystal store to choose one!

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