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What is Becoming Supernatural Book About ?

What would it mean to become supernatural? What if you could train your brain to tune in to frequencies beyond our material world…change your brain circuitry and chemistry to access transcendent levels of awareness…and transform your very biology to enable profound healing? This is one of the abilities Dr. Joe Dispenza offers in this revolutionary book: a set of tools that allow ordinary people to reach extraordinary states of being.

Dr. Joe, author of the New York Times bestseller “You Are Placebo”, draws on up-to-the-minute research in neuroscience, epigenetics, psychoimmunology, neurocardiology, electromagnetism, and quantum physics to show how human transformation and change takes place and what it can mean for our lives. In these pages you’ll explore how to free yourself from the past by reconditioning your body to a new mind; how to shift your awareness into the quantum field of infinite possibilities; and much more. Using tools and practices ranging from state-of-art brain imaging to exercises such as walking meditation and a technique to strengthen your immune system by thoughts alone, Dr. Joe offers nothing less than a program for stepping outside our physical reality and into a new world.



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