How to Use a Crystal Book

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What is the “How to Use a Crystal” Book About?

All you need is one crystal to deepen your magical practice and reach your goals. Bestselling author Richard Webster presents an accessible and inspiring guide filled with practical rituals and spiritual activities that can be performed with a single stone.

Discover how to choose, cleanse, and energize your crystal. Once you’ve prepared your chosen crystal, you can explore fifty ways to use it: attract love, control stress, bless your home, enhance creativity, deal with regrets, communicate with spirit guides, recall past lives, make crystal elixirs, find forgiveness, and much more. How to Use a Crystal is the ideal guide to greater health and happiness through crystal work.



Product Description: One “How to Use a Crystal” book by Richard Webster.

Average Dimension: 20.3 cm Length x  13.5 cm Width x  2 cm Height.

Average Weight:  390 grams.

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