Crystals, Elements That Purify Energy

Crystals are some of the most beautiful natural formations that exist. Regardless of whether they have been polished or not, a crystal always seems to catch the eye. However, these stones go beyond just beauty! Crystals are believed to possess specific types of energy that can help to raise the vibration of a place or a living being in order to attract more blessings. Semi-precious stones are not only sought after for their unique beauty, but also because they are very efficient for cleansing the energy around them and helping to attract positive outcomes. If you are still unsure about how crystals are used, this article will be a helpful guide for you.

How Crystal Therapy works

One of the most important aspects of working with crystals is to stay exposed to their field of energy; which is usually about 2-3 feet around the stone. This is the reason why a lot of people prefer to work with crystals to raise their vibration; crystals are very versatile, and can be easily incorporated into everyday life. Not only will they help you become a better version of yourself, but they will also look spectacular if you decide to wear them or place them around your house! There are crystals in all sorts of colors, shapes and sizes; so you can easily find the crystal that best suits your style and needs.

Crystals can truly change your life if you are willing to work with them. When you feel bogged down by low-vibrational energies such as sadness, depression, pessimism, rejection, abandonment or desperation, it means you should raise your vibrational energy as soon as you can! There are several ways of doing that, however, in this article we will focus mainly on the use of crystals as a way of raising your vibration.

Crystals help to raise your vibration; allowing you to reach higher frequencies and manifest your deepest desires. They do this mainly with their vibration which will ultimately re-align and re-balance your energy, turning you into a magnet for blessings. This is why it is crucial that you stay exposed to the energy of the crystals as often and as much as you can. Once you understand this concept, you will begin to see why people either wear them as jewelry or display them around the house as decorations. This leads us to the next question; which crystals to start with? A good way of implementing crystal therapy into your life, is by first identifying and acquiring the specifically-colored crystals that are linked to specific chakra points in the human body that you feel you need help with. Then, use these crystals to cleanse, stabilize and energize your aura and chakras in your body. If you have the seven chakra crystals, here is a little technique that you can try to balance your chakras with your crystals while laying down. To begin, put a quartz crystal towards the center/top of your head, place an amethyst at the center of your third eye, put an aquamarine crystal on the throat, a rose quartz crystal on the heart, an orange calcite on the solar plexus, a piece of citrine quartz on the navel and a smoky quartz near the pubic bone. By placing the crystals in this order, they will release the blocked energy in the chakra points and allow the energy to flow better. Ideally, crystal therapy should be accompanied by meditation. We recommend starting with at least 5 to 10 minutes and then work you way up to 30 minutes to an hour.

Using Crystals in the Form of Jewelry Pieces

Good energy must be shared, and to do so, you must first increase the energy within you to be able to transmit it to the environment and people surrounding you. An excellent way to cleanse negative energies and raise your vibration is through the use of crystals in the form of jewelry. Due to their astonishing beauty, many people enjoy wearing them as jewelry in order to draw some of their benefits. The properties of crystals are channelled quite well when worn as jewelry; whether it’s necklaces, earrings or bracelets. Crystals in the form of jewelry are very easy to carry on you, making this an ideal way to work with them. That way you can stay exposed to their energy as often as possible and as much as you can to get the most out of your crystal therapy journey.

Another advantage of using crystals in jewelry is that there is a perfect piece for every occasion! There is a vast choice of crystals in the form of jewelry in the market that will blow your mind, keep you eager to try them out, and allow you to enjoy their beauty. In addition, crystals worn as jewelry are great to address subtle energy imbalances in the body, recharge the chakras, protect from negativity, purify the aura, stimulate spiritual growth, provide relief and much more. The best part is that crystal jewelry can also be a great gift for a loved one; such as the “Tree of Life” pendant made with the stones of the chakras which is very good to balance the chakras and keep the vibration high.

Using Crystals as Decorations that can transform your environment

The energy of crystals is so powerful that it is capable of transforming spaces and people. Remember that crystals work at an interdimensional level and when you welcome them into your life, they can cause immediate positive changes in other realms that you cannot see. However, what is most fascinating is that in time, you will be able to see how crystals ultimately transform your life at a physical level as well! For example, one of our clients was going through financial struggles and her house was falling apart. She then brought home dozens of crystals and placed them all around the house. A few years later, her house is now looking great with brand new floors, new sofas, new carpets, new plants and more crystals! This is because over time, the crystals raised her vibration leading her to new accomplishments. In other words, she was able to channel and amplify her ideas, goals, desires, and energy through the crystals. This change in her life ultimately transformed in attracting the resources, information, situations and opportunities she needed in order to get what she wanted: a better home and lifestyle. When crystals are mixed with intention, emotion, determination, faith and perseverance; the sky’s the limit!

If you want to keep your home or office free of negative energies and raise the vibration of your safe place, then decorating with crystals is a great idea. You can choose to place geodes, rough crystals, polished stones or even figures made with crystals in different places in your home or workplace! Cleansing, purifying and reorganizing the energy around you is easy if you believe in the properties of the crystals and work with them as much as possible; cleansing your crystals, programming them, exposing yourself to their field of energy, etc.

Where to buy Crystals?

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