What is Spirituality?

Spirituality can be viewed differently with many perspectives and that is where it’s beauty comes from. Spirituality is a lifestyle and not a religion, and that means that everyone is free to live it in any way they wish as long as they do not cause harm to themselves or others because love is at its core! To be spiritual, is to try to develop a connection or a relationship with the great spirit of the universe while becoming aware of everything around you. It means connecting with your inner self and intuition. Embracing a spiritual life is an individual practice which involves searching for a meaning in life and to find purpose in your existence by becoming the best version of yourself. Spirituality is something that touches and affects everyone in a certain way, whether the individual is aware of it or not. People practice spirituality in many different ways such as; reiki, shamanism, yoga, religion, meditation, the use of essential oils, giving back, taking care of nature, plants, living a cruelty-free life, using crystals, etc. Others connect to it by consulting spiritual masters such as psychics, mediums, tarot readers, life coaches, gurus, etc. Some other people prefer reading self help books, inspirational books and esoteric books. Like mentioned before, there isn’t a right or wrong way to live your life in a spiritual way; as long as it makes you a better human being, allowing your decisions to be based on love and that your actions are not causing any harm to yourself or others (this includes all living creatures). Make kindness your mantra, love your religion and nature your temple!

Being spiritual is about raising your consciousness and awareness which ultimately results in you becoming the best version of yourself in all aspects of life. Personal development is a key component of the spiritual journey and this will ultimately transform you to have more respect towards other people, animals and the planet. Living a spiritual life means being aware that we are all one and we are all living our lives through each other. Spirituality highly encourages open mindedness which involves considering all possibilities and ideas as long as they are making the planet a better place. It’s also important to listen and believe in your intuition, as it is your decision maker and what guides you through situations in life. When spirituality is applied with care and sincerity, it can give one courage, confidence, strength, love, passion and will power. It reduces stress, eliminates anxiety and raises a person’s overall wellbeing. Those who practice spirituality tend to live fulfilling lives and they do not hold on to negativity or dwell on the past. Spiritual practices and values can truly help a person get the most from life and live a richer life.

Many people mistake religion and spirituality to be the same thing; but there are several differences. Religion includes a set of predetermined beliefs, practices and texts. Religion requires that one follows a strict set of rules. On the contrary, spirituality encourages you to open your mind and heart so you can be free to create your own beliefs and practices that truly resonate within you as an individual. Spirituality takes values and teachings from all religions and merges them into one. It welcomes everyone to join the discussion with an open mind and a sense of unity that encompasses; all humanity, living creatures and the planet. Rather than creating divisions, spirituality is all about creating bridges and uniting people. It is possible to live a spiritual life and practice spirituality without being a religious person. Being spiritual (but not religious) means that you do not need a church, bible or a religious community. Instead, a spiritual person would rather have nature as their church, their body as their temple, respect as their bible and all living beings (Yes this included all animals and plants) as their community!

Spirituality is not a religious movement but rather a journey towards self actualization and becoming a better version of yourself. Spiritualism is a metaphysical and philosophical belief that the world is made up of two fundamental substances, spirit and matter. Mysticism is also part of spirituality because those who embrace this journey know that life is a mystery and that humans are here to appreciate and not to try to understand everything. The world in itself is far more mystical than one can ever begin to imagine and it’s filled with magic and mysteries. However, only those who believe in magic are the ones that will get to see it. Ultimately, taking on the spiritual journey is accepting an invitation on a journey to awaken, heal and ultimately reach your highest potential.

Crystals & Spirituality

A spiritual belief is that one can develop and cultivate a connection with the great spirit of the universe through meditation and intention. There are many ways of doing this, but at Crystal Dreams we like to advocate the use of crystals as a way to re-connecting with the source. Using crystals can really facilitate and amplify this practice and this is why many consider it to be a key part of practicing spirituality. Crystals have different properties which generate different types of energy with specific metaphysical properties. The colours of the crystals also play a major role because they correspond to the colours of the seven chakras. For example any crystal that is pink or green corresponds with the heart chakra. Crystals also have certain aspects that align with astrological signs and this is why some are classified as birthstones. Crystals can be used as a support system on this journey and can help to bring clarity and definiteness of purpose into a person’s life. Many spiritual masters claim that crystals have powerful energies that can be used to bring blessings and fulfillment into a person’s life. When it comes to working with crystals, truly the possibilities are endless and there are only two limitations; the first limitation is that which you impose upon yourself and the second one is the one you allow others to impose upon you. Besides that, the sky’s the limit! As long as your mind and heart work together; you can achieve anything. Some of the benefits that crystals can bring into a person’s life are mental clarity, abundance, love, protection, enhances psychic abilities, harmony in human relationships, a positive mental attitude, turning dreams into reality, freedom from fear, sound health and much more.

Overall, spiritual growth is practiced in many different forms across different cultures and backgrounds. Some people practice spiritual healing by going to church and practicing their religion, and some people practice spiritual wellness by being at peace and ease with themselves; letting life take its course. Improving ones spiritual wellness can include anything from meditating, working with crystals, taking time for yourself, travelling, reading spiritual books, connecting with spiritual guides, searching for a deeper meaning in life, practicing yoga, consulting spiritual shamans, trying to maintain a positive mental attitude for a healthy mind and leading a balanced life. Many of these activities can help you to improve your spiritual life, overall wellbeing and reach your goals.

“This itself is the whole of the journey, opening your heart to that which is lovely” – Buddha

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