Stones and crystals: 5 options for good fortune


Stones and crystals have long been used as alternative medicine. It is believed that they are able to facilitate the physical and spiritual healing of people. Of course, each one is different and have different purposes, some are great for attracting good energy, others to repel negative energies, and they can even help in love.

Crystals are also excellent for attracting good fortune. In fact, there is an incredible variety that can be used for that purpose. Although each one works in a different way, that is, some are responsible for improving the flow of energies, others are blockers and protectors. 

Therefore, we want to tell you about 5 options of stones and crystals for good fortune. The ones you will see below are very common, because they are necessary for everyday life. You can find them in any crystal store like ours. Look for them in our shop!

Let’s get started!



Quartz is perhaps one of the most famous crystals, used in watches and some household appliances. They are famous for their energetic properties, making them capable of modifying energy and attracting fortune. They basically function as amulets that lead the wearer to successful situations.   Try to use this stone as jewelry, either in rings, necklaces or bracelets. This way you make sure that its energy is always with you and can be activated whenever you need it. Another way to use it is to place it in your home, so that you are surrounded by positive energy for those who live with you.


Jade is the symbol of good fortune and knowledge. It has a great beauty, is used in jewelry and is quite common to see it in altars. This precious stone is a wonderful channeler of vibrations. It brings positive vibrations together to give you all the fortune you need.

For Jade to bring good fortune, you should always carry it with you. Whether it is in pockets, purses or jewelry. Other advantages that this stone brings you is good luck in love, brings you peace and emotional stability.  Did you know that crystals have healing properties? Read our article: The Healing Power of Crystals. Find out which ones are essential for your well-being.



Turquoise is a precious stone that seeks the well-being of body and spirit. It has long been used as a protective amulet against negative vibrations. Specifically, it will save you from failure by purifying energies.Turquoise rings, earrings and necklaces are very common. If you have one of these pieces do not hesitate to wear it and never let go. The closer you have it; the more chances of good opportunities you will have. Another positive result of wearing this stone is that it improves the wearer’s communication skills. 


Hematite is one of the most common minerals on Earth. It is reddish and black in color; it can vary in shades. This stone is perfect for attracting good fortune because it is able to repel negative vibrations. In fact, it protects you against energy that can cause harm.

Another way it contributes to good fortune is because it reduces shyness and in turn, increases confidence, courage, concentration and determination. We recommend that you always keep a Hematite with you, for example, with a bracelet or a pendant.


Amber is an extremely energetic gemstone. Given its intense golden color, it is related to the sun and the sun’s energy. For this reason, it is considered to attract positive vibrations and motivate the wearer. It is also believed that the stone absorbs negative energies and vibrations.  

It is considered a stone of good fortune because it helps to combat depressive episodes, improves confidence, and gives inner peace. As if that were not enough, it is a very coveted stone because of its origin and other properties that are attributed to it, magical and healing.

These 5 stones and crystals are just a small sample of all those that exist to attract good fortune. Remember that each stone acts differently, you must also take into account your personality and your own energy, look for the one that best suits you in our store!

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