Chalkboard Clothespin Tags

3.15 $ USD

Retail: Sold per pack of four pieces
Wholesale: Sold per pack of four pieces ( Only for official distributors)

Why Chalkboard Clothespin Tags? 

These cute chalkboard clothespin tags that can be used as labels for anything: your gifts, children’s lunches, storage bins (at your store or home), display baskets, anything you can think of! The best part is that they can be cleaned off and reused.



Product Description: One Pack of Four Chalkboard Clothespin Tags

*Retail  Purchase: You will receive ONE PACK OF FOUR similar to the one in the pictures with almost identical dimensions to the ones mentioned above. All measurements are approximations.



Product Description: Price is by pack of four pieces (Please note that wholesale prices are hidden and are only revealed to our official distributors).

*Wholesale Purchase: The price is by pack of four and you will receive ONE PACK OF FOUR per every quantity you add. In order to be able to see wholesale prices you will need to apply to become an official distributor.

Additional information

Weight 0.021 kg
Dimensions 3.54 × 4.33 in


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