What stones to use to unblock my sacral chakra?

Do you know what the sacral chakra is and how to unblock it? At Crystal Dreams we are experts in the manufacture of crystals and holistic products. Read on to discover how to unblock the sacral chakra.

This chakra gets its name from its anatomical location. That is, it is located at the level of the sacral bone which is more or less below the navel: the pelvis.

Remember that we are talking about energy points. It is not something physical, but approximately that would be its location. We invite you to read our article on the seven types of chakras.

The element of this chakra is water and its color is orange. Its energy is related to sexuality, relationships, friendship and our pleasures. It is also related to creativity, passion and enthusiasm.

What to do to unblock the chakra and have free access to all these emotions and sensations? In this article we will teach you what you need to know about the sacral chakra and the amulets with which it flows best.

Curiosities about the sacral chakra

As mentioned at the beginning, the second chakra is located in the center of our body and represents the center. It is considered as the fulcrum of emotional energy. Note the use of the word fulcrum: a point of support.

Let us remember that our body in general works in conjunction with an energy field, which interacts with our bodies through spirals of energy: the chakras -wheels of light-.

The main function of the chakras is to absorb the universal energy to make it reach our bodies: physical body, emotional body, spiritual body, and then radiate energy outwards.

Therefore, a good energetic level in the second chakra ensures a healthy maintenance of our sexuality, our interpersonal relationships and the appreciation of pleasures.

Unblocking the second chakra leads to greater ease in giving and receiving love in our romantic relationships, and also stimulates creative energy.

Conversely, being blocked leads to fears and negative fantasies related to sexuality, and can also generate feelings of anger, resentment and even violence.


How to unblock the second chakra?

The best way to keep the second chakra open and balanced is to be open to creativity in daily life, to maintain a healthy sex life and to honor and respect our body.

But most of all, get in touch with the primal emotions and dig deep within ourselves.

Whatever feelings we are repressing, we must strive to let them out, to process those emotions in the healthiest and least harmful way possible.

There are several meditation exercises that can help you, and also, some amulets designed specifically to unblock this chakra. These amulets are:

Crystal Kit.

The crystal kit includes several crystals with powerful effects on the different metaphysical capacities and chakras.

Intuition of great changes can occur with the help of your protective crystals and a well-balanced sacral chakra.

Tiger’s eye and matte black agate bracelet

To talk about tiger’s eye, we must first classify it. Cat’s eye, hawk’s eye and red tiger’s eye are variants of tiger’s eye.

Cat’s eye

The cat’s eye is different from the tiger eye. The lines are straight and go in the same direction, grouped in the center.

In practice, the final effect is that of a ray of light on a stone, reminiscent of the narrow iris of a cat. It can be of many colors, white, green, brown, gray and yellow.

Hawk’s eye

Very reminiscent of the eye of a bird of prey. It is similar to tiger’s eye only it goes from blue to gray to green.

It is said to be very suitable against nightmares, protects against jealousy and makes you more aware of the obvious.

Red tiger eye:

Tiger’s eye, which tends to reddish or auburn, is helpful against stress, strengthens internally, gives confidence and stimulates you to come out of lethargy. It makes you much more determined to push forward ideas.


For its part, the black agate protects the physical body and instills courage, promotes success in competitions and stimulates the emotional body.

What, in the context of the second chakra, drives to achieve the courage required to speak honestly with your loved ones and express your feelings. Visit our website to learn more about these products.

Unakita raw stitch

Unakita works with the sacral and heart chakras. In general, unakita is a powerful crystal to use when you feel overwhelmed, insecure or fearful of the future.

In fact, it promotes optimism, hope, patience and perseverance, while reducing stress, depression and insomnia.

The consequences of incorrect energy flow to the sacral chakra are sexual repression, fear of enjoyment, disdain for sex and energetic blockages that limit the expression of the personality.

It is important to maintain a balance in our energy flows to be healthy people and enjoy life more. We hope this article has been helpful and that you can achieve the spiritual peace you are looking for.